Design Flaws

I felt excited initially about the first few thrusts that I made in the vein of the new issue’s theme (Melancholy), but transitioning to theory-inspired fiction from something that’s felt more nebulous is rough. I’ve never written fiction before. I’m finding myself preoccupied by haunted houses & shifting architectures, winds that bow branches into symmetries that reveal something hollow in the heart of your sovereignty, the terrible brake in your mouth that you pump without wanting to when the neighbor calls “welcome home” from across both your yards.

Anyways, I’ve never had an eye for visual art, or a well-articulated grammar for shape & color, but I’ve been trying my hand with heretical hermetics in mind.Transversals1.0

“The abyss consists of rotting pores.”

From an interview with the ever-elusive Hamid Parsani:

“The problem of state—which is the term for the earth’s vivisection by competing delusions of mastery, delusions specific to the particular technological-human configurations you call economy—has always been a problem of law in its purist, and therefore most incestuous, sense… [T]he border at once emanates from the law but also circumscribes its domain by binding the divine residue to a particular stretch of earth, therefore making God’s excrescence slave to the human. One can never occupy a border. One can only pass in between absent Gods.”