Design Flaws

I felt excited initially about the first few thrusts that I made in the vein of the new issue’s theme (Melancholy), but transitioning to theory-inspired fiction from something that’s felt more nebulous is rough. I’ve never written fiction before. I’m finding myself preoccupied by haunted houses & shifting architectures, winds that bow branches into symmetriesContinue reading “Design Flaws”

“The abyss consists of rotting pores.”

From an interview with the ever-elusive Hamid Parsani: “The problem of state—which is the term for the earth’s vivisection by competing delusions of mastery, delusions specific to the particular technological-human configurations you call economy—has always been a problem of law in its purist, and therefore most incestuous, sense… [T]he border at once emanates from theContinue reading ““The abyss consists of rotting pores.””