diary [001] sleep

The night before last I managed to wake from sleep every hour nearly on the hour each time. At each interval, I recalled less nightmares and more anxious thinking about flying and my failed relationship(s). There’s another kind of sleep I have where I sleep through for about 2/3 hours and wake aghast after some kind of all-too-apt nightmare (proper). I usually fall back to sleep after about 4 hours of looking at my phone in search of something mindnumbing. Then, last night I managed to sleep straight for 5 hours and woke up suddenly without any real reason, but my mind was hurried and I had many restless thoughts about every little human stupidity for the next 5 hours and then, of course, just had to finally drag myself out of bed lest I miss the people who are coming to fix the heater. Who, of course, aren’t here though they were due about an hour ago now. This concludes the three types of sleep I have.

One of the hurried thoughts I had last night was that I would like and would like others to post here about their lives, thoughts, and writing process(es)/blockages.