Selections will be made based on the following criteria:

a) Theme-appropriate yet thematically over-arching
b) Self-reflexively relational rhetoric
c) Critical of metaphor, especially in the case of inter/transdisciplinary concepts
and generally,
d) Rigor
e) Strange…/Subversive…./Destabilizing….

The theme of the upcoming issue is:


Oskar Schlemmer, Danse de l’espace, 1927
We are especially attuned to contributions with these features:




Critical essays will make up the majority of the issue.

What motivates this publication you ask? Influenced by schizoanalysis as a method of subverting progressive liberal politics, its language, and its academics, we aim to incite others who suffer forced assimilation of their alterities into expressing their singularity transversally. Through MAXIMUM COMMUNICATION, we hope to someday soon form an open manifesto that every one of our writers and readers can get behind.

Transversality is a dimension that strives to overcome two impasses… [and] tends to be realized when maximum communication is brought about between different levels and above all in terms of different direction.

– Félix Guattari, Psychanalyse et transversalité (1972)

Thanks for your time and your work. If you have any comments/questions or would like to collaborate, please email us at We are based in Buffalo, NY, USA, but are eager to broaden the team geographically as well as geosophically. The submission deadline for this issue is 3/1/19, with a release date late Spring.